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  1. (Jan. 9, ’13) Huzzah! This site finally launched as a backup to main site (yet to be determined).
  1. (Jan. 22, ’13) First Letter. This is copied to the Forum so it can be discussed if needed:

Welcome the first group email of the Marvel game.

It is a shame that the Marvel game had to be cancelled this week. But with two players gone, it is better to wait. Still, I have done some work to further the game below; read on…

Regarding e-mail in general:

Please send a simple reply to let me know you have received this email. Remember to use the Reply to All function when replying. With everyone communicating together, the game can only be maximized. On the rare occasiion you need to send something privately, send it to the specific individuals involved. Also, please put MARVEL GAME in the subject line (until we think of a better ‘tag’) of messages to facilitate easy searching and identification. The player e-mail addresses are below. Again, I am using them with permission. Don’t give them out without that player’s permission. Any new players shall be added to the list (if they want to be). For myself, I will try to keep e-mails to a minimum and game-related.

(Email addresses deleted by Doctor Doom who finds this heroic prattle tedious. Do not question Doom!)

Once again, I thank you for an exciting game last time. I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to but y’all made it fun anyway.

Brett has asked to we do NOT bring snacks next game. His family can barely eat what we have already given them. :-)

Regarding an online presence:

I’ve decided to use as many online services as necessary to make this resource work (I will include features of Facebook, Google+ and Obsidian Portal, possibly others). Don’t worry, all you should need is ONE link (I will handle the other links between sites and it should work seamlessly). I will get these started later. For now, what NAME do we want for the game? The name is the one irrevocable feature of an online group and it cannot be changed. So, let’s get it right the first time.

Some titles that come to my mind are; “Excelsior” and “True Believers” and “With Great Power.” These phrases are from the great Stan Lee (and thus particularly Marvel) and have evocative interpretations. But that is only what I can think of. Let me know what you think.

The game’s CURRENT online residence is http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/avengers-resemble

Expect an invite email to that group after this one. Waiting there for you now is the humorous clip ‘How the Avengers should have ended’, a beautiful redition of the Avengers theme by violinist Taylor Davis and a pretty picture of a ‘casual Friday’ Magik done by one of the Pixar artists.

In using this or any online resource, remember no personal information and first names only. I will put this letter in the forum to invite discussion.

Now that we have agreed to use HeroClix scale. I will provide grids to pass out and photocopy. We may use Legal size paper (8.5″×14″) to maximize space and minimize waste. Does anyone have a printer that can do 11″×17″ paper? I would supply the paper and pay 10c/copy for your ink.

Before we get to the work of actually validating characters, I would like to pass out the Mastermind’s Manual checklist, a series of popular, optional variants for MnM. I will pass this around during the game but if you want to get a head start, the link is at:


Once we get the optional rules settled, then we will start with the auditing of characters. If you want a head start…

The Simpson’s 2e Character Generator (use the OpenOffice Westguard version if you can):


You can also download a DEMO version of HeroLab that doesn’t let you save or print (you can test drive to see if you want to buy the full version or you can Print Screen/Paste to save a character but I don’t recommend it: http://wolflair.com/index.php?context=hero_lab&page=downloads

I’m including a link to a list of practically all of the groups that have ever been in Marvel Comics. Let me know which ones you want (or don’t want) to see in the game. I’m starting with groups rather than solo characters as, by definition, you get more characters.

A simple list is here: http://marvel.com/universe/Category:Teams

A more conprehensive list (with pictures) is here: http://marvel.wikia.com/Category:Teams

I have access to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. Essentially, I can read almost any Marvel comic ever made online. The good news is that we can research fairly easy. I can almost recommend it outright, the monthly cost is about $5 if you buy annually. But there are missing books (more irritatingly, unexplained GAPS in long-running series) so I can’t give it a blanket thumbs up.

Let me know if you see this picture (this will let me know if we can do multimedia emails):

Avengers logo aflame photo avengers_fire_zpsa67ef34a.jpg

OK, that is it for now. We aim for a game next Tuesday. Let me know what you think! :-)


  1. (Feb. 4, 2013) Sorry for the cancelled game today. My dad need to handle some complicated appointments and billing disagreements tomorrow and (with his health issues) I need to be with him as he travels.

Still, I have done some work on the game.

We welcome Kilian to the mail group. His e-mail address is:

[The White Queen has deleted this email address from your consciousness so you can spend more time thinking about her]

In addition to the Obsidian Portal site at: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/avengers-resemble

There is also a Facebook group for the game called With Great Power.

Friend me so I can add you to the group.

There will be seamless links from one group to the other and information will be repeated for your convenience.

I have added a ‘Players in our area’ link to the game site. Check it to see if there are any players who are interesting. Talk about any ‘prospects’ with the group BEFORE inviting the candidate. We are pretty full already.

The link is at http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/avengers-resemble/lonely_gamer/penandpapergames_search

HeroClix 1.5" scale maps are now at the OP site for download as .pdf files. I have a 8.5″ × 11″ and a 8.5″ × 14″ version. They are at the brand new Files page.

I have added a general link to a Pinterest page on Avengers Humor on the humor page.

The “sad, walking away” music from the Incredible Hulk TV series is up on the music page. Also, I have added Believe it or Not by Joey Scarbury (the theme from The Greatest American Hero), the cheesiest, most pop superhero theme ever made.

A picture of Rouge by the Brothers Hildebrandt in on the Gallery page.

I’d like Mike’s input on the Optional Rules poll so I will hold off on making any changes.

Here are the results of the ‘guest star’ poll:

Deadpool is the favorite by a wide margin (if not unamimous).

Storm, Jean Grey and the Enchantress (already a member of the Ensemble) have four votes each.

Net up are Black Widow and Ultron (as a villain, I assume) with three votes.

Then Northstar and X-23 with two votes.

Wolverine and Pixie also have two votes under the ‘to be beaten up’ category.

The allies of you will either fill out your team (I figure there will be about twelve members of each Avenger teams, although not all go out on missions together) OR be part of your nearby friendly rival team of Avengers. Illinois has a land border with Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin, as well as a water border with Michigan (across Lake Michigan).

More later…


Newer stuff first. News will be copied to the Forum so it could be discussed. Older news will be copied to the Older News page.


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