Avengers Resemble!

Game for January 15, 2013

Earlier, on Earth-817…



Returning from Asgard, the heroes return to the Helescort.

Unbeknownst to them, one of the strange water spirits that had so righteously (and mysteriously) attacked the Rook called her sisters through the rainbow gate from Asgard to Midgard (Earth, at Niagra Falls).

Toxxin’s rival and now companion, the valkyrie, Svadi travelled with the Avengers to remain on Midgard as an ambassador to Midgard.

Aboard the Helescort, Loki’s wife Sif proudly accepted membership in the Wales Avengers. Her new teammates joined the Illinois Avengers in the briefing room for a meet-and-greet. But Magik and Pixie began to fight each other with uncharacteristic fury. Worse still, the two separate teams joined in the fray.

Only Doctor Strange could see that this rage and malfeasance was not natural but a magical compulsion from somewhere else. He quickly teleported away to end this battle before it was too late.

Loki used telepathy to learn the Doctor Strange had travelled to Limbo and was fighting for his life against an unknown opponent.

But this knowledge did not separate the bewitched superheroes. With a smile, the now-demonic Magik offered Pixie a chance to ‘step outside’ to Limbo and finish this once and for all.

As the two girls were about to make their hellish journey, along with their unprotesting teams, they were saved by a most unlikely source..,

To be continued…


Gongoozler Gongoozler

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