Avengers Resemble!

Game for January 15, 2013, part 2

Elsie dee 001

While both the Illinois and Wales Avengers were about to be tricked into Limbo, their remaining member, Forge, was studying the Super-Adaptoid that had been captured during a bank robbery.

It was obvious in hindsight, especially to Forge, that the Adaptoid has impersonated a wounded citizen in order to be brought onto the Helescort. Dr. Kate Waynesboro had entered the room to help Forge with his research. She began with a very improper neck massage.

As Forge was about to comment on this lack of decorum, Forge suddenly understood; if one Adaptoid could infiltrate, others could as well. And Forge would be the one person who could detect him with his technology. He moved to restrain what he assumed was an Adaptoid infiltrator.

Forge was correct but the Adaptoid now had his superior intellect and perception. It would simply be a matter of who won the fight. Quickly, Forge fired his experimental neutralizer cannon into the hull of the Helescort.

The unmetered power of the cannon quickly neutralized all of the mutant powers aboard the Helescort. Now effectively both normal, Forge was able to destroy the Adaptoid with his hastily constructed Adaptoid scanner/destabilizer. The decoy melted, leaving Forge victorious!

In the briefing room, Magik’s powers suddenly faded, closing the portal to Limbo. This somehow freed the heroes from whatever spell they had been under but left Doctor Strange now trapped in Limbo (literally)!

Apologies were quickly made and the wounded Pixie was rushed to the infirmary. A quick consult with all of the magical heroes SHIELD had access to (including Loki and Magik) revealed that a eldritch barrier prevented mystical travel to Limbo. Magik’s power, derived from mutation, could get a rescue team to Limbo but it would take a full week while her powers slowly returned.

While waiting, a mysterious message directed the team to the Danger Room. Entering, the Avengers found robot duplicates of many robotic characters and humans who had volunteered for a Life Model Decoy. Each explained that the Avengers A.I. wished a distinct persona to interact with the living for psychological comfort.

The characters chose a reboot of Elsie-Dee, a former ‘smart’ bomb disguised as an annoying young girl. Once the Avengers had made their choice, the Avengers found all of the other duplicates attacking them in a combat simulation based on the old Berzerk video game.

Magik’s powers are beginning to return and the team is preparing for an assault on Limbo but before then, Hornet will meet Doctor Henry “Ant-Man” Pym and learn what secrets they have in common…


Gongoozler Gongoozler

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