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Testing, Testing…

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

January 8, 2013

In the alternate Marvel Earth-817…

A Tale of Asgard!

Reacting badly to the news that his brother, Loki, was now a reformed Avenger and married to his eternal love, Sif, Thor created a rainbow bridge in Chile in an attempt to merge Asgard and Midgard.

His hope was to merge the two worlds to increase understanding between the two races and subconsciously prevent the further hiding of secrets from him on either realm.

The Chicago Avengers arrived just in time to transit to Asgard and eventually be heard at the Hall of Odin. Odin was largely distant due to resisting the Odinsleep. Baldur, ruling in his stead demanded that Sif herself be brought to Asgard to make her true and final choice.

The valkyrie, Svadi, recently defeated by Toxxin, led a party of Avengers to Wales to summon Sif who had lived for years on Midgard not knowing her true identity. Once fully awakened, Sif transported the party to Asgard using the sword spell she had learned long ago.

Making her choice for Loki, Sif was still devastated to hurt Thor whom she loved as a brother and friend. Thor immediately left Asgard and his whereabouts are unknown.

With Loki’s recent history now known to Asgard, The Enchantress and Lorilei simply could not believe that Loki had so changed. The sister’s revealing themselves to Loki, they claimed to have impersonated Sif at different times over the years resulting in the Enchantress pregnant with what she claimed was Loki’s child.

Both Lorelei and the Enchantress were able to escape before being questioned further. Odin could not longer delay the Odinsleep and Baldur declared the matter closed. The Avengers were invited to stay in Asgard but chose to return to Midgard.

To be continued…

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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