Valkryie ambassador from Asgard to Midgard, frenemy to Toxxin


Jabroniville’s PL10 Valkyrie build:

Strictly speaking, this is a build for the Marvel character called Valkyrie (who is an actual Valkyrie) but I figure this build will work for Svadi until I can make a more custom build.


Svadi is a valkryie who was commanded to guard the Illinois Avengers during their trip to Asgard. A ‘disagreement’ with Toxxin led to a friendly sparring match won by the symbiotic Avenger.

Impressed by the warriors of Midgard, Svadi has asked to be an ambassador to Midgard from Asgard. Baldur, in Odin’s stead, has granted her request.

Svadi has requested membership in the Avengers which has been enthusiastically granted but it is unsure which branch of the Avengers she will be assigned.


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