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Welcome to a superhero role-playing game campaign set in an alternate timeline of the Marvel Comics Universe. The game is played using the Mutants & Masterminds rules, 2nd Edition for players in Fort Worth, Texas (on the map at the lower-right of this page, you will see that the game is centered in the middle of Lake Worth, Texas. No, we don’t play the game underwater, that is the rough average of all of our houses). We are not currently looking for players but you are welcome to apply if you live in the Fort Worth area. You are certainly welcome to lurk here.

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What is commonly referred to as the ‘Multiverse’ is actually a series of alternate timelines representing a different historical possibility. If a timeline zigs, another one zags as multiple outcomes to events are each played out in their own universe.

While not all alternate timelines have been discovered (in fact, there may necessarily be an infinite number of them), several hundred have been defined enough to identify and sometimes travel to. Each discovered timeline is called an Earth and assigned a number. Several notable Earths are:

  • EARTH- 616—The mainstream Marvel continuity where almost all of its stories are told. Only stories that tend to violate mainstream continuity are set in another Earth.
  • EARTH—817 The Earth of this game. The differences that make it special are listed below. This Earth specific number is an area code of Fort Worth.
  • EARTH- 1218The Real World, the Earth you are in now. Here it is believed that the other Earths are just the fantasies of comic-book writers.
  • EARTH- 1610—The timeline of the Ultimate line of Marvel Comics which are more realistic and tend to resemble the movies. Their version of the Avengers are called the Ultimates.

In addition to the numbered Earths without number, there are countless fractured timelines, mystical dimensions and simply incomprehensible ‘places’.


Unless otherwise stated, the history of Earth-817 is similar to Earth-616. There are some noticeable differences, such as:

  • Earth-817 had one more world-shattering fight for Humanity than Earth-616. Millions of people died and scores of heroes died saving the rest. (GM Notes; I will leave it to my players to decide exactly which powerful threat nearly destroyed the Earth and who died stopping it. Personally, I’m thinking Galactus, that is his ‘consuming’ passion [literally, pun intended].).
  • To prevent this from ever happening again, the United Nations has given SHIELD great powers which included running the Avengers and making it an organization of global scale. Any superhero of good standing can work for the Avengers on a completely volunteer basis. Bases for Avenger teams are in every state and region. Some have worried that putting so much power in the hands of any one organization is a recipe for future oppression. But super-crime rates have gone down and there have been no real abuses of power. So far…
  • With the fantastic success of the expanded Avengers program, the villainous organization HYDRA has, out of necessity, become a support network for super-villains. HYDRA is now a dark mirror of SHIELD.
  • The mystical realm of Asgard has been moved ‘closer’ to Earth in a metaphysical sense and now it is possible for anyone to cross between the realms if prepared. Both planes are trying to control the unexpected pilgrims.
  • The Legacy Virus has mutated. Now the mutant gene is dominant. That is, the child of any human & mutant paring will usually be a mutant. Conversely, the children of mutant parents are becoming more inhuman, moving further from the human baseline, if they are even conceived at all. The implications of this are still being revealed.

More to come as it happens…


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