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In no particular order at this time:

Gallery1988’s Avengers art exhibit:

Printable Paper:
(Print specialty marked or lined paper for free, including graph and hex).

Incompetech’s free online graph paper:
(The Printable Paper site cannot easily do HeroClix scale, this site can if you set the grid spacing to .67").

How the Avengers should have ended!:

Green Ronin:
(The makers of the Mutants & Masterminds system.)
 Mutants & Masterminds:
 (The official Mutants & Masterminds site)
  Gimmick’s Gadgets:
  (Free handouts for the MnM game, including…)
   Optional Rules Handout:
   (from the Gamemaster’s Guide)
   2e Handouts page: Your text to link here…
   (It’s all good!)

  Atomic Think Tank:
  (The forum for the MnM game, particularly good for character builds)

Mutants & Masterminds Combat Cheat Sheet (PL 10) by Brandon Blackmoor:
(A nice combat handout.)

(My go-to site when all else fails)

Simpson’s Character Builder (for 2e) thread:
(I recommend the Westguard sheet for OpenOffice.

Marvel Universe Groups:
(All of the groups of Marvel Comics, listed with pictures for easy reference.)

Marvel Database:
(An excellent source for reference material.)

Westguard Campaign:
(A campaign that has great resources for other MnM games.)

Powergaming for Dummies take on MhM:
(An interesting and positive analysis of MnM)

Online Resources

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